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25th September 2009 Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

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Problem Solving in Design Synthesis and Process

Problem Solving in Design Synthesis and Process is a one-day symposium and networking event aimed at fostering collaboration between leading academic researchers and industrialists in the fields of synthesis, molecular design and chemical process.

The day comprises a series of lectures and poster presentations focussed upon using molecular-level mechanistic analysis to resolve practical issues and to drive forwards understanding, with time set-aside in the programme for participants to make contacts and discuss areas of mutual interest.

Who Should Attend

The meeting will be of interest to those actively working in chemical process, molecular design and synthetic methodology, as well as those with broader interests in Physical Organic Chemistry. The organisers are particularly keen to offer a forum for participants from industry and academia to make new contacts, hence would strongly encourage attendance from those seeking collaborations.

Plenary Lectures

"Physical Organic Chemistry in Transition Metals Catalysis: Towards Informed Development and Applications"
Prof Guy Lloyd-Jones, University of Bristol

"Reactor Selection to Match your Chemistry"
Dr Ian Houson, Britest Ltd

"Process Improvement through Mechanistic Understanding"
Dr Brian Cox, AstraZeneca PLC

"Continuous Reactions in Supercritical Fluids"
Prof Martyn Poliakoff, University of Nottingham

Case Study Presentations

"Kinetic Studies in Defence of Intellectual Property"
Dr Nabil Asaad, Chemagination Ltd

"Understanding Kinetics in Multiphase Systems: Air Oxidation of a Reduced Heteropoly Acid for Application in a Pt-free Fuel Cell Cathode."
Dr Matthew Sterling, IPOS Ltd

"Handling Slurries in Plug Flow Reactors."
Mr Robert Ashe, AM Technology

Capabilities Showcase Presentations

"Quantifying Aggregation Behaviour by Calorimetry"
Dr Niklaas Buurma, Cardiff University

"Solution-state 'Crystallography' by NMR"
Dr Craig Butts, University of Bristol

"Measuring Kinetics in Liquid Ammonia"
Pengju Ji, University of Huddersfield

"Research Group Capabilities"
Dr Anna Croft, University of Bangor

Commercial Partners

Main sponsor: AstraZeneca

AM Technology, Cambridge Reactor Design Ltd, Chemagination Ltd, IPOS, iPRD

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