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About Chemagination

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A new provider of scientific services

Chemagination was formed in 2009 to provide technical expertise, training courses and scientific meetings for the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. Our aim is to deliver world-class science, tailored educational services and relevant symposia to meet the technical and noetic needs of our clients.

Solutions, Training, Networking, Events

Chemagination offers four streams of service under the umbrella headings of Solutions, Training, Networking and Events. We undertake bespoke research and analysis in our areas of specialism. We offer a range of adaptable courses delivering both core content and elements tailored to meet specific training needs. We have a network of specialists in diverse disciplines with whom we can engage on a consultancy or referral basis. We organise themed scientific symposia to address gaps in the current meetings calendar.

Scientific Advisory Panel

Our in-house areas of expertise

We are actively growing this list and our network of contacts offer much more besides. Please contact us to see how we can be of service (click here).

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Chemagination Ltd, 23 Market Place, Wetherby, LS22 6LQ.
Company Number: 6812606. VAT Registration Number: 945 3165 17.

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