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Courses to meet your training needs

Chemagination offers training courses on a range of subjects which can be adapted to address specific training needs. From "Refresher Workshops" giving an overview of a subject area to "Specialist Seminars" delivering detailed knowledge and instruction, our focus is on presenting definitive and relevant content in an easily digestible format.

Graduate Skills Training

Chemagination offers a number of Graduate Skills Training Workshops geared towards developing the skills and capabilities that are central to a modern professional career. For further information please click the button below.

Graduate Skills Training

Subject areas

Chemagination is happy to provide training on any subject within our wide-ranging expertise. We cover both theory and practice and can deliver an "off-the-shelf" workshop, specific newly-written material or a combination of both, depending on your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements (click here).

Topics include: GRAD Skills Workshops, Refreshers on General Organic Chemistry and Chemical Behaviour for Practising R&D Professionals, Chemical Processes & Reactivity, Drug-likeness & Non-efficacy Optimisation, Kinetics & Mechanism, Molecular Interactions, Physicochemical Property Measurement & Optimisation, pKa & Acid-base Behaviour, Structure-Property & Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (SPR & QSAR), Reaction Profiling & Chemical Outcomes, Solvent & Medium Effects upon Chemical Behaviour and Stereochemistry & Racemisation.

Clarity and purpose

Our presentations are clear and highly visual. Each course is accompanied by a Reference Pack containing all of the material presented and sources of further information. Each session begins with a definition of learning objectives and closes with a summary of the content covered. As a matter of routine, we ask participants to fill-in a short Quality & Feedback Questionnaire in order to ensure that the course has delivered on its aims and to help us continuously to improve our service.

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