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25th September 2009 Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

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The outline timetable is below and will be updated shortly. Delegates are welcome to remain after the event for the RSC Physical Organic Chemistry Group's re-launch reception later in the evening.

Plenary Lectures

"Physical Organic Chemistry in Transition Metals Catalysis: Towards Informed Development and Applications"
Prof Guy Lloyd-Jones, University of Bristol

"Reactor Selection to Match your Chemistry"
Dr Ian Houson, Britest Ltd

"Process Improvement through Mechanistic Understanding"
Dr Brian Cox, AstraZeneca PLC

"Continuous Reactions in Supercritical Fluids"
Prof Martyn Poliakoff, University of Nottingham

Case Study Presentations

"Kinetic Studies in Defence of Intellectual Property"
Dr Nabil Asaad, Chemagination Ltd

"Understanding Kinetics in Multiphase Systems: Air Oxidation of a Reduced Heteropoly Acid for Application in a Pt-free Fuel Cell Cathode."
Dr Matthew Sterling, IPOS Ltd

Capabilities Showcase Presentations

"Quantifying Aggregation Behaviour by Calorimetry"
Dr Niklaas Buurma, Cardiff University

"Solution-state 'Crystallography' by NMR"
Dr Craig Butts, University of Bristol

"Measuring Kinetics in Liquid Ammonia"
Pengju Ji, University of Huddersfield


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