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Chemagination is coming!

As an eminent chambers specialising in intellectual property for the Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals industries, you will doubtless be interested to hear about Chemagination, a new provider of scientific services and solutions.

Chemagination offers far more than the usual consultancy and expert witness service. We are able to undertake bespoke studies to underpin your assertions, especially for cases where the literature precedence is ambiguous or unhelpful. We pride ourselves on our rigorous and definitive science and our ability to make difficult concepts accessible to the non-specialist, maximising your chances of successfully arguing your case.

We shall shortly be writing with details of our areas of specialism and the added-value Chemagination brings. In the meantime, please visit our Solutions page for an example of our work (click here).

We look forward to being of service to you in the future.

Dr Nabil Asaad
Director, Chemagination Ltd.

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